Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Points) Download Free

Today’s article is about the fad game, Rope Hero Mod Apk for Android. You can download it here. We also have a Rope hero cheats post if you’re interested in that. The aim of the game is to swing your way through each course just like Mario would on his trusty old rope. Be sure to collect as many stars as possible though!

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The courses are designed in a linear fashion, with one course being unlocked at a time. If you unlock the final level then you move up a level and that unlocks another…and so on until you can’t play any further. You’ll be hooked though – we promise!

With different roles in combat, you will play different styles in this epic adventure. In the process of fighting against criminals, each character has a variety of powerful skills that players can use to destroy enemies from distance or from close range.

Levels consist of rope swinging puzzles where timing is everything. This means it’s also very difficult; we expect this because we don’t want to bore ourselves (or do we?). More than likely if you’re playing this game it’s to pass some time and play something simple and fun. And that’s what Rope Hero offers – nothing more. It won’t stress your brain or drain your battery.

            Even though the graphics are nothing special and it’s a bit of an old game now, we recommend you try it out. We’re going to right now!

Easy and Simple: A Game for Everyone

There are many games on the internet, but very few of them are as simple and easy to understand as this rope hero vice town mod apk. This game is about shooting with a rope, which is not what you might think! The goal is to collect gold coins while avoiding obstacles like fire or spikes. It’s not an easy task – it would be a lot easier if you knew how to play! In this blog post, we will teach you how to play the shooting game so that you can start playing right away.


Rope Hero is a game with simple controls. You control your character by tapping on the screen to make him jump over obstacles, and sometimes you have to swipe in order to avoid enemies or collect coins. The graphics are very basic but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun! This game is perfect for everyone who wants something easy and simple to play on their phone.

Mod Menu

This mod menu is essentially a modded/hacked version of the game in which you can purchase everything in the game with in-game currency. All you need to do is download it and play, but note that this mod menu will violate Terms of Service (ToS) if caught by Tencent. Make sure that you only use the mod when playing with either your personal friends or someone who already has it, otherwise risk getting banned.

Gameplay (Rope Hero Mod Apk)

I know I said that there were no gameplay changes, but it’s not really gameplay-changing. It’s more of a gameplay feature!

  • The Rope Hero Mod Apk is an apk mod for the Huawei version of Pixel Dungeon that allows you to control the game with your voice.

I’ve been playing this game for several months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. There was only one problem though… I suck at Pixel Dungeon. So I hit up Google looking for minor tweaks to the gameplay that could make it easier for me without making things too “cheaty.” That led me to discover this mod! Now let’s get down to business.

New Appliance

Rope Hero Mod Apk Unique Gadgets is a rope walking simulator with unique gadgets only available in the full version. The game allows you to play as special agent Rick who has been assigned with an operation, to infiltrate and gather information about the secret organization whose top-secret research facility was recently attacked by unknown forces.

You will be equipped with a rope gun that can unleash ropes and grapple your way past obstacles and foes. Use your rope gun to move around and avoid enemy fire, while simultaneously firing back at them! There are also other gadgets such as hover boots, jetpack, and weaponized jetpack which you will unlock while completing the game. Physics-based platformer shooting rope walking sim – Unique gadgets like laser guns.

Multiple Weapons (Rope Hero Mod Apk)

In Rope Hero, you have to climb what seems like an endless number of floors. However, there is a variety of weapons that will help you along your way! Here are a few helpful ways to utilize them:

  • Use the whip as a way to switch between ropes and cut down on travel time – Know the difference between brown and blue boxes! If you’re going for a high score, it’s important to know which ones give you points
  • When the timer gets really low (3 seconds or more), your best bet is to jump off of something already climbing rather than use that last second for climbing itself. The more meters you get in those 3 seconds, the better! (Can also be used when there are multiple ropes close together

No Ads! – Unlimited Gems and Coins! – All levels unlocked, you can enjoy the full game without any purchase.


The objectives are to climb up ladders, jump over obstacles, unlock new characters, fight bosses, earn money for upgrades or purchase them with real money. With that said, here is our conclusion to this article.

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