Prison Escape Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money-Gems) Download Free

Prison Escape Mod Apk is a highly realistic simulation game developed by a team of experts. It is design to mimic the real world with the help of several features. It allows players to experience the world of prison through the eyes of prisoners. There are more than 100 different objects, which you can use to escape from the prison.


1- Over 100 different objects

2- Realistic physics engine

3- Amazingly designed graphics

4- Realistic sound effects

5- Highly interactive environment

6- Challenging puzzles

7- Many characters

8- Many environments


1. Download the apk file from the above link

2. Install the apk file 3. Start playing the game 4. Enjoy!

About Prison Escape Mod Apk

In this game of action and suspense, you play as a daring prisoner who needs to escape the prison. This game has the main character is a person who is wrongly convicted in a cell surround by gloomy space. He tries to escape this prison in the whole game, and he faces several challenges.

Your best strategy is to have a step-by-step plan that gets you through this tunnel.

1.The story of the Prison Escape mod apk v 1.1.6 revolves around this dark cell and how one prisoner tries to find a way out of this cell. You must go into your room, and your task is to take revenge on those who locked you up there.

If you ever face any encounters that are challenging, it’s important to take time to nourish your powers. Your health will improve naturally as you do so. You must win gold and other elements to increase your internal and external strengths. There are many things you can do to increase your armor and power boost when you’re not playing a game.

Features of Prison Escape Mod Apk

Unique Images

The graphics are good. They’re polished and fairly organize. You are surrounded by many security guards, wearing a uniform of the same color. This provides a unique appearance that helps them stand out from the crowd and makes it easier for people There are many ways to draw a prisoner’s appearance, from a realistic drawing to a cartoon . This is the most powerful man in the world.

Animation in three dimensions (3D)

The animations and graphics in the Prison escape hack for Android are great, and they make it much more enjoyable to play. The animations in this game are very attractive, and the player never gets bore. It’s fascinating how the Interacting Environment Phases of our lives show us which paths to take to achieve our dreams These graphical icons help you to add realism to your game’s hand-to-hand combat.


The game is very interesting because it is based on a story-based theme. A naive citizen got trapped by some of his bad fellows and is now locked in a dark cell surround by gloomy space. Throughout the game, he struggles to come out of his own half.

Combat techniques

You will often be face with small hand-to-hand combats, direct attacks, and brutal gang boss fights. Once the doors open, you’ll have to walk up to the counter and wait for the manager to call your name. All the images are realistically describe and all the characters carefully design the combat actions.

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What’s New in v1.1.6 of Prison Escape MOD APK?

In the Prison escape mod apk, there are only two actions, and both are quite simple. This is an app that has amazing content and its visuals make the experience more real. It will force people to fall in love with it. We have added more complexity and new features in this version for the players.

Moveable Characters

In the Prison escape mod apk download, you have to explore how to get out of the cell to escape. You can also beat the guards around you and escape the prison. In the game, the scene was made by the game developer and there are many ragdoll effects in the game. These action sequences are just the right level for beginners.

Different Types of Weapons

Prison escape mod apk is a very interesting action game with lots of thrilling stunts. Your team will be at the next level by getting an arsenal of top-notch tools and This will always have a variety of guns in it. You will have your choice of a variety of weapons in different calibers. Knock them down within seconds if you’re prepare to use the right weapons.

The gameplay of Prison Escape MOD APK

You can easily unlock and use the various items in this game using this Prison escape cheat apk . You can get a lot of coins, gems, diamonds, and much more through this game. There is a joystick on the bottom left of the screen. You can use this to control and move the prisoner. We have attached all other controls to the right side of the screen, using which you can complete other necessary actions.

You need to attack by doing things like using a sharp knife or a hard stick. You must also attack at the beginning. If you plan to play with these heavy weapons, you will get enough experience in attacking. You need to develop a structured plan and execute it very precisely. The game ends when the prisoner regains his freedom.


This is a really good game for the fans of escape games. You will find a lot of challenging missions in this game. For example, he must be able to move from a dark cell to a light cell in order to get caught by the prison guards without being seen. But the main goal of that meddler is to get rid of that unfortunate place of confinement.

He must fight to survive. And, to make matters worse, he has to fight to stay alive, or at least have enough energy to continue fighting. It’s also easier to control the aircraft in a harder difficulty setting, and you’ll unlock more controls as the level of difficulty increases. The best way to start is to download this app and then you’ll have the power and resources to remove all the obstacles from your path.

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