DEAD WARFARE MOD APK 2.21.14 (Unlimited Ammo/Money/HP)Free Download

DEAD WARFARE MOD APK is a first-person shooting RPG developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS in Vietnam. In this action game, you take on the role of survivors of the zombie apocalypse who are searching for a cure to preserve civilization.

This is a well-known zombie shooter with complex and detailed graphics. To battle the zombies, this realistic-looking 3D shooting game has a large selection of firearms. This is a survival FPS game in which you must protect your territory, kill zombies, and battle alongside other survivors while occasionally helping them as well! In the game, the bosses and zombies have distinct personalities and skills.


The game is set in the year 20XX, in a post-apocalyptic world where the globe is overrun by zombies and the bleak future never ends. You play as a member of the MPS-16 organization, a group of warriors fighting swarms of aggressive zombies one of the very few survivors on Earth.

Along the way, you’ll need to find other survivors with a variety of skills in DEAD WARFARE: Zombie MOD APK, such as snipers, long-range shooters, and those who can work with each other to kill zombies with various weapons. The ultimate goal is to find a cure for humanity in Death Valley, which is located in the Gulf Region. You can Also see Jurassic Survival Mod Apk.

DEAD WARFARE begins with a bleak, decaying scene at a museum. You and your allies are forced to fight nonstop in the dead of night with a limited arsenal of weaponry. However, in the midst of this seemingly hopeless battle, the crew discovers a new secret to saving humanity from the zombie apocalypse. And the group’s great belief in the future motivates them to keep fighting uncompromisingly.


  • Unlimited Money
  • Limitless Gold
  • Unlimited Health and Ammo
  • Unlimited Everything


When you defeat zombies and earn enough points in each scene, you will gain new talent. With the first screen I attempted, Explosive Grenade, for example, I could blow up a bunch of zombies. You will quickly and successfully close the first round by utilizing this new skill. The summary score appears at the bottom of each screen, along with the accompanying character’s name and level, as well as the accessible data such as Victory, Headkill, Combo kill, and Drop bonus.

Along with identifying and fighting zombies in each location, you must use Radio to discover and collect other survivors into your team. You can choose Radio facilities based on the points you’ve earned in past battles. There are a variety of advanced levels to choose from. You also spend a lot of money every time you phone Radio to get allies.

Hero categories appear one after the other, each with a unique set of abilities. And it is at this point that you will learn that the game is no longer simply about shooting and shooting, but also about strategy. Select who you want to face this time, who you want to fight beside you in each battle, and the weapon and skill you want to utilize. All of the inquiries are game-related, and you are the only one who knows the answers.

Unlocked Weapons in Dead Warefare Mod Apk

Each level relates to a different colour space and scene: museum, bridge, gas station, time square, theme park. Each scenario will be accompanied by a new character. And each character has a unique appearance, set of skills, and progression through the levels.

During the process of hiring original characters, the system will display the new character’s identification each time the call is made. Of course, his particular weapon is on the show as well. But skill is one thing, and whether or not you have a weapon is another. As a result, you’ll have to divide and conquer when it comes to selecting and purchasing weaponry for new friends.

Another opportunity to spend money has presented itself. I’m sure your wallet is hurting!! The original weapons that can be equipped for each new character are also unique. Mr. Chandler, for example, can use powerful military weaponry, thus you’ll be recommended things ranging from Military Gun Crate to Rare Gun Crate. You’ll decide whether or not to buy based on your approach and budget.

A little more on how guns make up over 90% of the appeal of a first-person shooting game. Because each character has his or her own specialisation, the sorts of guns in DEAD WARFARE are quite varied. As a result, when combined, it will create a super-strong arsenal.

And each gun in the game, whether it’s a standard or an advanced model, can be modded with a number of components to provide new levels of damage. You can look at the pistol from a 3D perspective and be enthralled by its beauty.

Powerful Starategy Against Opponents

Zombies can evolve to many diverse levels of skill. It started out as simply a few small zombies slowly strolling about, which was a little revolting. Later on, you’ll encounter additional zombies with more powerful abilities and levels, such as high-jumping zombies, super-speed zombies, and zombies who can swing and jump from great heights. They now hide like gods and charge like horses, causing you to shout in astonishment.

Motivation In Dead Warefare Mod Apk

You can wander in and out of the Guide Map to check where you’ve come in your adventure, what objectives lay ahead, and what characters are waiting to be discovered from time to time to help you wind down. Even though it’s just a simple map in the form of a horizontal timeline, it will substantially improve your attitude when you look at your achievements after playing time. Even if there is a glimmer of hope, the troops here need motivation, and so do you.

You can control and monitor each character’s progress via combat by selecting elements such as Survivor, Weapons, Energy, and Money from the main menu for each character.

3D Graphics of Dead Warfare

Play the opening scene and you’ll see why DEAD WARFARE is so popular and well-liked. Every aspect in the 3D game is vivid. Everything stands out against a dark, ominous backdrop. Each army of zombies loomed menacingly, their shapes imposing.

The weapons you hold are meticulously designed, and the pistol will vibrate every time you load a bullet and squeeze the trigger. And the zombies in this game are just like those in Hollywood blockbusters. They’re seeking food when you arrive, make a noise, and then they halt for a bit before all of them gaze at you and rush to attack. All of the reasoning progression was done in a very logical manner. You can get the impression that you’re in a real zombie movie when playing this game.

DEAD WARFARE also has excellent sound effects. The sound of gunshots, explosions, your and your friends’ footsteps traveling through dark alleyways… everything can break a steel spirit.

Download and Install Dead Warfare on Android

Several character classes, as well as multiple weapon systems and upgrades, are available in this 3D first-person shooting RPG. The scenes are breathtakingly gorgeous and evocative. Furthermore, when fighting, there are numerous corners to exploit. Guys, I can tell you that not playing it is a waste of time.

So, what do you have to lose? DEAD WARFARE is now available for download!

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