Cover Fire Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money/VIP 5)+ OBB Download Free

Cover Fire is a first-person shooter where players can take down their enemies using a variety of weapons and barricades. The game has designed for mobile devices so the controls take place on both sides of the screen. Players tap to shoot or use grenades, swipe from side to side to do a melee attack, and press one finger on the other side of the screen to go into cover.


If a player goes into cover they will be able to pop up at any time and shoot their enemies as long as they have ammo left in their clip. But that’s just half of it! Every time you start a new level you’ll have the opportunity to buy traps like mines, turrets, AT-STs (yes!), sentry bots, shock drones, and many more.

These tools will help you defeat even the toughest troops that come your way… Or they’ll just blow up in your face the first chance they get. Activate character boosts to give yourself perks like increased accuracy, better damage, and health regeneration to keep you alive throughout the level. Also, use support items like drones or turrets to protect yourself as well as destroy your enemies.

You can also spend money to upgrade these support items so they’re deadlier than ever before! Covers is a great game for players of all skill levels, and it only gets better when you take down your opponents with our MOD APK! With unlimited ammo and no reloading, players can fire at will to take down anyone who dares to challenge them. And with unlimited health, players won’t have to worry about dying or having their strategy ruined by a few enemy shots.

What is The Cover Fire Mod Apk?

It’s the game file of Cover Fire for android devices which you can download to your phone and use any time. After downloading this MOD APK to your phone, you need to install it before using it, then after installing completed, now you can play Cover Fire mod apk any time you want without an internet connection. It’s one of the best options when only playing games in offline mode instead this cover fire mod apk will have you running through levels.

Cover Fire: Game With Timing And Patience

What do you get when you combine v2 commando droid, cover fire offline shooting games, and Zula hack? You get a game that requires timing and patience. This is the premise of Cover Fire. The v2 commando droid will convert into the infamous gunner with classy gunfire ahead of time to kill the monster root, where both focusing and racing overtime demand gamers to have a good deal of stamina and patience when playing the game!

Game Features

Gameloft is at it again with another installment of their popular multiplayer FPS action game, “Cover Fire.” With an updated version during the holiday season of 2016, gamers will see a big difference in how they play. Here are some upcoming features that may make you go head over heels for this game!


Gamers get to team up with other players on missions and work together towards victory against AI enemies. But watch out because the enemy also has AI soldiers just waiting for you to advance so they can attack your base with advanced weaponry. Work in teams to defeat them before it’s too late.

If that’s not enough for you then try trying out the Open Beta Program which lets you play the game early with other gamers. The more people who participate in this, the more feedback will be provided to help improve the game!


Dive into battle equipped with powerful weapons like machine guns capable of laying waste on anyone or anything that stands in your way. Also included are sniper rifles and bazookas for bigger targets like tanks and heavy artillery. Plus, don’t forget to support your team with the rocket launcher! Nothing is sexier than launching a few rockets at enemy forces while running away from their bullets. You know what they say; “the best offense is a good defense.” Oh wait, that’s not right…


Gamers are provided with different game modes for all kinds of players. If you’re into multiplayer, then there’s no way to avoid “Faction vs Faction” mode where two teams will go against one another in a team deathmatch scenario.

For those who want something similar to traditional FPS games, try out the Burn Mode where your main objective is to kill everyone on the opposing team before time runs out. Rounding up all these awesome game modes is Adventure Mode which tasks you with completing objectives while fighting off waves of enemies.


What good would having powerful weapons and other items be if you didn’t have a playground to test them out? Well, Gameloft is here to help with 3 Arenas for your enjoyment. They differ in size and what type of cover they provide so keep that in mind.


Level up as you complete objectives and do well on the battlefield by acquiring XP which allows you to unlock new clothes, hats, glasses, faces, beards, and more! Want to look like a police officer or even like an anime character? Go right ahead and make it happen! Just make sure it’s appropriate…or else.


Gamers are rewarded for doing well on the battlefield by gaining more XP which also helps you acquire items. These include med kits, armor, helmets, and weapon upgrades. Keep in mind that these things are hard to come by so use them sparingly!


Have no idea how to play “Cover Fire Mod Apk?” No problem! You can always refer to the tutorial which will teach you everything you need to know about the game. Once you’re done with it, try out some of the challenges just for kicks! There’s nothing like learning new tricks while having fun.


“Endless Mode” is available for everyone who wants something mindless yet challenging at the same time. The goal is to survive as long as possible by slaying the countless waves of opponents that swarm the battlefield. If you don’t give heed and react appropriately, you can end up with a heap of dirt on your hands.


Being an FPS game, players will want to make their shots count and not waste ammo like they would in other games. Enemies will come at you from all sorts of angles with different weapons so be ready! When it comes to safeguarding your precious hide, it might be better to be safe than sorry. Of course, if you can’t get close enough then don’t forget about CQC (Close Quarter Combat). That usually does the trick!

Cover Fire Mod Apk: Incredible Graphics and Design

Cover Fire Apk is one of the most popular android games among the mobile operating system Android users today. It is certainly not hard to figure out why this type of first-person shooting game has become so popular even if it was only launched a few months ago.

You will find an HD graphics outlet to cover fire which you can handle HD too HD graphics HD gun HD different HD graphic HD shooter HD war There are many ways to make the game experience even better and we want you to discover all of them on your own because this is one of those games that more than just engaging, it is downright fun as well. Play Cover Fire right now for free!

How to Download and Install Cover Fire Mod Apk?

Dear gamers, If you are looking for the download link to the game or wondering what is cover fire? You’ve come to the right place! We have managed to download it too so download cover fire mod apk free from this website.

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