AdVenture Communist Mod APK 2022 (Free Upgrade-Shopping) Download

This AdVenture Communist Mod APK is designed to give you the opportunity to control the world as a communist leader. It’s an RPG-style game where you control a country’s economy and social system. Control the market prices, government policies, the military, and even the weather.

There are three different countries to play with. Each country has different starting conditions and unique challenges. You can start with a poor, underdeveloped nation and rise through the ranks by solving puzzles and conquering obstacles. Each country has a unique story, unique characters, and a different ending.

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You can build your own country or create one from scratch. So, You can share your achievements with others online and compare scores with the world. You can also compete with other players to become the world’s best communist leader.

Hyper Hippo Games have made an amazing game in Adventure Communist and its sequel AdVenture Capitalist. You bet it is. In this idle tycoon, you’ll be given a small town, and your goal will be to make it the largest city.

Your mission is to make as many products as possible so you can have more things to own. You don’t only enjoy the same gameplay, but you also have unlimited gold. Another word for this is the “hacked” or “spied” version. This hack is for those who lack the resources, so they will not have to be worried.

The GamePlay of AdVenture Communist Mod APK

The story of Adventure Communist isn’t different from the original version. When playing this game, your main duty is to grow potatoes as much as you can. They’re the gateway to your ultimate glory! The mechanic is rather simple. Besides potato farming, managing your resources is an important part of the game. You need to produce a number of state resources, including weapons, ore, land, potatoes, and medicine.

So, to create one of those resources, you just click, then fill up the upgrade bar. Once you read a particular value, you’ll have to redeem it to increase the multiplier of resources you receive for every click. To speed up the process, you should hire some workers.

This resource is called Comrades, and it represents the number of workers that you can have. Tuning the mechanical properties of a carbon nanotube by controlling its chirality and diameter. You have to hire these special people to work for you, so they will gain the resources.

Features of AdVenture Communist Mod APK

AdVenture Communist mod is a new version of the communist mod apk that comes with new features, new maps, and new missions. This adventure communist mod apk is also called a communist mod apk. There are many communists out there who want to fight against the government and they use their mobile phones to do so.

This communist mod apk is very popular among all the communists because of its unique gameplay. Some of the most interesting features of AdVenture Communist Mod Apk are listed below.

1- Play as a communist who fights against the government

2- Different types of weapons are available

3- You can play different types of missions

4- New map added

5- You can earn money while playing the game

6- Many characters are available

7- Various types of weapons are available

8- It has beautiful graphics

9- It is easy to download

Mechanics of the Game are Simple

In the new version of 3.0, there are many new features. The most important of them is the “new look” of the design. As your rank rises, the mission becomes exponentially more difficult. If you don’t collect and promote researchers, the ranking won’t increase industries’ production.

This is an adventure game with a story. You play as a young explorer, who explores caves and finds crystals to use as a lantern. When the event is closed you’ll be given access to the fifth researcher. To unlock more researchers, you have to spend your gold to buy research upgrades.


These missions can vary in their complexity, from simple tasks like finding a crate of items to more complex ones like delivering a package for another player. After completing a mission, you’ll get a Wood or Stone capsule.

As you complete more missions you will reach a new rank. You’ll get a reward of silver capsules once you get all the missions. A lot of times, the rewards from missions are either Gold or Science. You can trade in three different types of missions: Trade Missions, Industry Missions, and Resources Missions.

Different Levels of AdVenture Communist Mod APK

Each player must rank at a higher level to progress to the next level. Your first step towards ranking up is to complete your missions. Once you’ve leveled up, your mission rewards and research bonuses will all be automatically collected. All resources except Farmer are removed and all industries except the Potato lock


The best means of increasing the production rate of comrades is trade. Comrades are critical for manufacturing, so trades are important for construction. It’s also used for reaching higher education levels. In total, there are five different industries available for you to buy.

In order to succeed as a trader, you have to know which industry each trade requires. The more of the base resource that is required by your industry, the better.

Final Words

When you’re playing the game, you generally enjoy the game more with AdVenture Communist. The hacked version will generate the gold as much as you need. While it does not occupy much space on your phone, it is not full of malicious programs, which can keep your phone safe. Use the hacked apk for the short term when you need to quickly upload and download large amounts of data.

What should I buy with my gold?

Gold is most effective used as a savings tool, so buying the Supreme capsules is the best way to use your gold. If you can invest in events carefully, you are likely to get about 40 percent more Supremes per gold. You have to spend the exact amount of gold you need to buy the item in the store for science to work and get the reward.

What Will I Be Able To Get After The Event?

After each event rank, you’ll earn rewards for your progress. The leaderboards will keep updating in real-time so that you’ll always see them. The future event doesn’t save progress or resources you’ve.

Is it necessary for me to complete all missions before I may level up?

It all depends on you. Do what makes you happy. There are still many arguments about the subject. Many people think that it does not matter if you stay at a higher rank, but you will have more rewards. While others say they can use strategy to get higher-level researchers.

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